Ake comes with a creative license to either gracely embrace or completely strangle whatever offer is passed to her. It will however always augment the story and bring us to exciting and unexpected new places. Her characters range from tender grandmother to fiery vengeful godess, all played with the energy (and subtility) of a hurricane. When it comes to finding unique ways to surprise on stage, nothing is too much of a deal for her.
Blessed with a vivid imagination, enigmatic presence and lightning-quick reflexes, Alina brings some exceptional expertise to the stage. With her dry wit she can subtly veer any scene towards laughter or tears. In the deep thoughts hidden behind an ever-present mysterious look, there is always something brewing. She masterfully fabricates dramatic solutions on stage, creating true chemistry among the characters in the story
The many hatted humorist, Bram brings the kind of energy to the stage that brightens any scene. His talent for physical comedy is only slightly less impressive than his mind for shocking yet absorbing storylines. When Bram comes on to the stage, expect the unexpected, expect the explosive, expect fire, rain, thunder and wonder. And yet, when you least expect it, you will be pulled into the beautifully emotional landscape that is the poetry of Bram’s performance.
Naomi possesses a wonderful talent for developing a fleshed out character through focused and beautifully crafted physicality. Along with a vigorous yet airy imagination she easily helps to create an interesting storyline from the get-go. Naomi doesn’t shy away from exploring emotions which often result in interesting plot twists that elevate the storyline created by the group.
Any manual of Pim should mention the toolkit of widely applicable skills that comes upon delivery, such as his quick pyshical metamorphosis into surprising new characters, or his ability to gently weave the threads of the story. Pim is never afraid to open any weird doors to see what lays beyond them. His impish nature and aptitude for dramatics lend themselves well to scenes of both heart-wrenching suffering as well as light-hearted comedy.
Shaun brings with him a gentle, yet subversive tenderness towards anything that is going on on stage; adding to it with a unique blend of humorous, supportive attention. He shines through his movement, accent work and sharp comedic mind that finds joy in challenging the stage and fellow players. Should you ever forget you're watching a show, Shaun is there to remind you of that simple fundamental truth, leaving everyone smiling, laughing and wanting more.
When Sofie enters the scene, she elevates it with a soft energy. But don’t be mistaken by the sweetness she brings to the stage. The different persona’s she plays are always a mix of kindness, braveness with a dash of subtle darkness. When you least expect it, she turns the story around to make it extra deep fried and you’ll find yourself in a play where all logic and certainty is gone. She might as wel deserve an oscar for this!
If you search the word 'improv' in Belgium, you'll find a Tim or one of his characters. He has a wide range of character creations and his technical skills are marvelous. He is and breaths 'Improv'. Tim steers scenes or takes the leads when necessary and creates genius side characters. When he plays a small silent character one shall still notice him. Not only with his posture but his great mimicking as well.