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Deepfried is an improvisation theatre group from Antwerp (BE). Formed in 2020 by seasoned students of the Swaajp school of improv, we found our collective groove during the long and murky lockdown of 2021. DeepFried has a tendency for serving gritty black humor while offering a glimpse of the human soul. We thrive in English-spoken longform stories based on suggestions from the audience and create weird yet recognizable new worlds from that.

Upcoming shows

    • 2022 - Sept 10 : Klokhuis

      Parochiaanstraat 4 , Antwerp   Doors: 19h30   Show:20h00
      Tickets € 10, click here to order them!

    • 2022 - Nov 12 : Klokhuis

      Parochiaanstraat 4 , Antwerp   Doors: 19h30   Show:20h00

    Deepfried member Ake


    When you are looking for a strong character on stage with a corky personality, look for Ake. When she is on stage, things will take a move: stories turn left, go right, upside down or it can even turn into black and white. 'Yes and...' isn't her trait because her: 'No and...' will give much more direction to the storyline and much more dept to the other characters.

    Deepfried member Bram


    Bram moves with the elegance and looks of someone who just visited a beach bar in Havana and had a glass of rum or two. It's exactly that kind of bright colourful energy he brings to the stage. He shines when playing flamboyant characters with a strong core that will both surprise and delight. Recommended pure or as part of a delightful cocktail on stage.


    With a twinkle in his eye and a flair to his movements, Pim masterfully portrays fantastical characters and everyday people. His impish nature and aptitude for dramatics lend themselves well to scenes of both heart-wrenching suffering as well as light-hearted comedy. Watch out lest he steal your laughter and make it his own."

    Deepfried member Shaun


    When Shaun emerges on stage, he gives a swanky twist to the scene. [swang-kee] “expensive and fashionable, in a way that is intended to attract people's attention and admiration” Storylines will make surprisingly interesting turns when Shaun comes in. Different types of characters, animals and creatures with a pinch of magic will appear on stage and will create a wonderful atmosphere from which more improvisational awesomeness can sprout.

    Deepfried member Sofie


    Equally comfortable as support from the background or as a character that unexpectedly grows into the glorious centerpiece of a story, Sofie always has something to add in her own delicate way. But when she brings out the eerie voices and physical transformation then you know things just got real and you're about to witness something majestic and overwhelming. With all that in mind, there is no excuse to ever underestimate her.


    Tim steers, helps and guides you with a cognizance nonchalance through any improv storm. He is a true chameleon on stage and helps create a storyline that reaches further than the common story plots. He easily combines the epitome of the strong silent type with the fluidity of a dancer and twists every story into a more promising direction.


    Our newest member. One day she too will be provided with a brilliant introduction that glorifies her magnificant skills and outstanding virtues.

    Deepfried impvo group from Antwerp
    Deepfried impvo group from Antwerp

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